Art History

I officially started my Art History course online today! 

After finishing my first ever course online, Eastern and Western thoughts, a comparative religion course, I was honestly nervous about starting another semester of online course because it was hard to navigate around an online platform and deal with the online censorship here in China. 

After looking through the resources, the timeline and the syllabus for this art history course though, I'm honestly excited! The teacher seems nice, the platform is more organised and much, much neater than before.

As my first assignment, I had to look at some medieval art from Austria and Spain. I was asked to choose two artworks from the Museum of Modern Art collection from the medieval time period and write up what makes these two works particularly "medieval." 

My favorite artwork was called the Opening of the Fifth Seal, created around 1180 AD in Burgos, Spain. 

Photo credit to the Museum of Modern Arts

Photo credit to the Museum of Modern Arts

It is a part of an illuminated manuscript, which is one of the important kinds of art from the medieval period. I learned that creating such manuscripts was the only way to note down and record events to pass onto the next generation before the invention of the print press. I particularly love the natural shades of red and navy- they are so lovely. These colours actually remind me of colours of Japanese kusaki zome, which are colours made from natural dye made from plants. I also like the intricate gold detailing on the parchment. I also learned that this use of gold is also an unique characteristic of medieval art. 

I'm thinking about creating a collage of my favorite artworks on the wall in front of my desk at home or my art desk at school. It would be cool to create something that is like a sum of what I've learned and experienced during my two years in IB Arts, blogging, and semester of taking art history online. 

Oh speaking of blogging... Liu Wei's interview article is coming soon!